Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Old Man

I remember when I was a child , I had to pass through a long alley to get home.Everytime I was passing it I could see a man of fifty walking up or down the alley .I could see him eveyday , every single day . He was tall , neat n sort of handsome . straight gray hair and a mustache . He never carried anything . I was sure he never went out for shopping , he came out just for WALK !

Well I moved into another house and after eight years I came back ! Now it's been two years that we've come back and STILL I see the man in the alley . Walking up or down . Every single day .Well this time I drive my car through the alley to get home but I don't leave the man unnoticed . I STILL see him . He's now a man of 60 , He's tall , neat and STILL sort of handsome . Straight white hair and a mustache . He never carries anything . I'm STILL sure he never goes out for shopping . He comes out just for a WALK !

I say he's been doing this for twenty years at least . 7300 days , twice a day ( go n back ) : 14600 times !
Why's he been doin' this ?! Some doc's advice ? Nah , doesn't sound reasonble ...

-Excuse me Sir ... I'm a neighbor of yours . What have you been thinking about while walking in this long alley for 20 years ?
-ha ?!
-what have you been thinking about ?!!!! all this time ...
-Have you got kids ? a wife ?
-what have you been thinking about ?!!

Someday I may write something about him !


Blogger Mehdi HE said...

to baayad az aval esh nevisande mishodi bashar!!!!!!!! tabrik :) :X

11:39 PM  
Blogger Hooman said...

hey homie, you know what?you got talents man, keep it coming, I like it...

7:20 AM  
Blogger Nazanin Sharghi said...

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12:13 PM  
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