Wednesday, May 31, 2006

This Morning ...

Most people don't enjoy their childhood interests when they grow up .That's the way it is . But today I was looking among some old CDs of mine ( I sometimes become tired of my new collections ! Victim of familiarization ! :p ) ... Well I found two Yanni audio CDs . It's been long time that I hadn't played them . And you can't believe me how much I listened to him couple of years ago ! I have aaaaall his albums and Videos ... most of 'em Original ! :>

It's funny , at that age , my classmates mocked me for my strange taste in music ! ( lol , they still do ! ) . But now I reallize I'd been listening to some great compositions !

Anyway I took one of the CDs to my car this morning , played it on the way to work . Wow ! I sank into the best mood one can possibly feel ! Great memories ! yaknow .... You may not undrestand how much I owe to this greek guy ! This morning I could remember so vividly the day I bought my first Yanni tape 6 years ago which led to all those great things :-) I-).


Anonymous Sam said...

No doubt that you were listening to some great compositions, but the strange thing is that as far as I know you've got a very limitted area of tastes in music. I know that most of Irani musics are cheap but I just can't simply denouce them!

1:44 AM  
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