Sunday, June 18, 2006


I'm in a beautiful park . I've missed a good football match to come and study .

Sitting on a bench with my handouts. I've come with a good dude . He's famous for his liveliness , a funny cute pal . We're full of youth 'n energy . I look at the road infront of me . I see an old man walking toward us with his cane . bald 'n hunchback ;

-Can I sit here for a minute my sons ?
-Oh please ... ( we spare a place for him )

He's so tired , panting as a meek horse . Looking innocent just the way he did eighty years before in a cradle .

Now my friend's reading aloud but I don't listen . I'm looking at the old one instead . From time to time he looks at us from the corner of his eyes . So shrunk a face that I can't see his eyes clearly . But one thing I can see in 'em 'n that's Envy . I leave his eyes and look at his watch on his old vibrating hand . It's a nice watch . I look at mine which is a present from a deared one . I look at his . Different impressions ... I dunno ... ticking of mine ; passage of time toward the bright days , ticking of his ; passage of time toward darkness .

Is he happy ? I really wanna be when I'm his age .


Blogger Fatemeh said...

You WILL, with those nice books I brought for you, sure it takes you more than 80 years to finish them ! and after you finish them you will be very happy, I promise !!!

10:31 PM  

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