Sunday, June 04, 2006

Plato & Crake

Seventeen years ago our world lost a true man . Every year at this very day the whole world mourns at his loss . He deserves all these ! He was an expert in philosphy , literature , religion , natural sciences , anything you could possibly imagine . His publications are more than a thousand volumes. Though he had two particular specialties : Politics and Grammar .

He spent half of his very missed life studying politics . He knew everything about "Revolutions" . He lived in Paris for a decade only to study the French Revolution . He knew everything about "Democracy" . He spent another decade in Oxford libraries to study the Greeks . He knew how to rule a a country because he spent another decade of his endear'd life studying the Romans .

He was one of the firsts to denounce the American Dream and the absolute first to declare publicly : America can't do a damn thing !

He was the only man who could predict the miserable outcome of the Soviet Union .

We do miss him , don't we ?

He used to say : Shoma ey javanane aziz , Yas be khod rah nadahid Hagh pirooz ast .

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Anonymous Sam said...

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