Sunday, June 25, 2006

Happy Birthday !

Today is a friend's birthday . A friend , who once , wanted to BE so much . We were classmates and roommates when I was a freshman in North . Then I was transfered to Shiraz and heard of him no more .

He was considered my best friend there , so was I his . I don't know why I decided to hear no more of him when I came back here . He was not my type of person , I dunno ... He liked me very much and now I regret why I didn't . Everyone had problems with the guy , so did I , but I kept on my sympathy ... Yeah , That could be a reason for liking somebody .

Today is his 22nd birthday and he could be celebrating that now , but a couple of months ago , on a saturday night at 10:00 he decided NOT TO BE ... Simply he dissolved some two hundred sedatives in water and drank it all . Now he IS NOT .

I know there must be a way up there to read blogs , so ...

Hey dude !

Happy Birthday :- ) . I have no idea how things are going up there , but I hope you're doin' fine . I'm doin' fine down here too . I was just remembering some good and bad memories today after I got the SMS from your bro' ...

Remember that lovely Oscar Wilde performance ? The Philippine prof loved it so much ! I remember ya spoke as GOD ! How ironic it seems now , aint it .

Remember the German old man ? :)) He liked you , but he was so relaxed when he heard 'bout your suicide .Goddamn German spirit !

Well . I still can't undrestand why you did that . I will ask you someday !

See ya late !
Amir .


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