Wednesday, December 13, 2006

On Waking Up Upon a Morning

I’m an alien among these mundane terrestrial beings. Visions blurred by illusion, fallacious hopes, they seek peace in ridiculous grails. They call their saints, their dead spirits with tearing eyes, and their majesties belly laugh them off.

O’ sages! Kneel down gracefully to your majesty who illusions you by no doubt. Who is to disillusion your souls? I’m afraid your long wrong doings.

I’m an alien among these mundane gullible souls. I try to utter words to them, but they behold me not. There's a lot to say; all of which hidden, there's a lot to shout; all of which muffled.

I am an alien among these democrats, these forgetful souls of hierarchy, and I see them struck by their funny principles. And then I belly laugh them off.


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