Friday, November 03, 2006

Black Crows

Three black crows were sitting on a fence
Watching the world pass them by.
Laughing at humanity and its pretense,
Wondering where next to fly...

And they cackled in joy and dove through the air
Like the winds of a hurricane.
And they spread their wings as if to declare
"Onward, let freedom ring!"

Three black crows are sitting in a tree
Looking down on mankind
Loving how it feels to be so free,
Leaving us far behind…


Blogger Fatemeh said...

Hey! I know her ;)

10:51 PM  
Blogger Fatemeh said...

Dancing to the feel of the drum
Leave this world behind
We'll have a drink and toast to ourselves
Under a violet moon

Tudor Rose with the hair in curls
Will make you turn and stare
Try to steal a kiss at the bridge
Under a violet moon

;) am I right??

10:54 PM  

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