Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Look into my eyes! See anything? It's alright. You ain't a cat, that's why. Even if you were one you couldn't. Cuz nowadays we're through the age of cats the obscures. It's hard to know us cats. Our subconscious levels are deeper than ever; we hardly understand each other; such a pity. Thank Cod I still got a cat or two to befriend.

Hey this is a frienda mine. He's awaiting President Bush's live announcement concerning IraC. He lost his ear a few Septembers ago when a Catdog tried to make love with him; he just tried to be a saint; I'm proud of him. He's always misunderstood.

This one's a carpe diem baby! Many cellas aspire his position, but they have no idea! Or maybe they have? I dunno... I'd better comment not!

This one's from the round-table. He's wondering where the Holy Crail is; One of the few restless Cnights of our age.

Maybe the best thing to do? I'd love to... These days I feel a shadow of some good news. Maybe I can see it better in a dream.


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