Thursday, February 01, 2007

Notes on a wintry rainy busy day…

-I’m done with shitty days of idleness. No purpose what. No reason why. What the hell was that all for? O’ my God! Grrrrrr…. But it’s over at last! Well not really over; the main dish is yet to come. But at least I won’t have to devour bits and pieces of dry stone anymore.

-Today, after so long a time, I got the chance to be among the living: people with simple gay smiles on their faces and little seriousness to go down with.

-How different people are in groups. How far they go from their unconscious! It is like a Unity containing a great number of individuals who enter a “negative incapability”; dying as an individual and be reborn as a scion; leaving the man towards the mankind. And you know what? I just see how fascinating it is to be a Mr. President or a Mr. Senator; gripping all mankind in your fist so tight that no soul would venture a return.

-Human Interaction is a necessary set of misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and misconceptions.


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