Monday, August 18, 2008

The Dark Knight

I watched “The Dark Knight”. It had a totally new look on the super-hero Batman. Actually the only Batman I had seen before was Batman Forever, and back then I was sure I didn’t want to try a Batman again, at least because I’m a non-American. However after I heard that it’s Christopher Nolan’s (and to my surprise I didn’t know he had made the 2005 one as well) I decided to try it right away. Not to mention its being rated No.1 in Well I know It’s going to drop once it out of box-office, but never lies.

I saw this and I tell you, it was not a pulp which propagates a dull American-hero. I loved the realism and symbolism in it. The images were fantastic: Batman’s dual identity, Harvey Dent the lawyer’s changing into a Two-Face. Even the damsel died! This is all so modern and new for a traditional super-hero movie. The acting’s were also lovely. Good shot and If I were to vote for, I’d go for 7.5.


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