Thursday, April 19, 2007

Halcyon Days

There will be a time when grayish strands are yet to be. You securely feel far enough from death. You shut your eyes O ‘tis so quiet so peaceful so harmoniously numbed.

There will be a time when you are calm like a lake. You close your eyes; your sweetheart by your side O’ there she is at last, far away no more, her hands in your hands no matter how sweaty.

There will be a time when you shut your eyes and look ahead. ‘Tis all peaceful and quiet. Feels like floating on your back on the Pacific. And then you feel your sweetheart’s hands go loose as if she is in a dream deep asleep. You feel her head on your shoulder.

There will be a time when you suddenly open your eyes and the colorful world stings you. You unfold your hand from hers and let her dream. Tis late! You are late! Hurry up! Dress up! Hop in the car! Go to work! O’ damn the traffic! You are late! You are late too late too la … Close your eyes and think of happy old days; halcyon days of frustration and agony, break down and headaches. Happy old days hell happy old days…


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