Sunday, September 14, 2008

Inhale... Take in as much air as you can...

“The Guts” is the title of a short story by Chuck Palahniuk which appears in his novel Haunted. There have been some sensational reactions to the story in the United States which is mostly because of its gross sexuality. However what Palahniuk aims for, is not just a fun piece of grotesque and erotic horror.

“The Guts” is not just a bloody tale of the hanging guts of a 13 year old masturbating boy. In fact it is THE bloody tale of a literary genius’ having the guts to fire at people’s sexual awareness right in the place and face-to-face. What I mean is that Chuck Palahniuk likes to read this short story in public to audiences wherever he goes. And really there are people who faint in disgust and nausea after listening to “The Guts”. 73 is the last official faint-toll, and you know what? Mr. Palahniuk brags about that! Just youtube the “The Guts” and you’re going to find some of the speeches and seminars in which people listen to Chuck reading his story while some people laugh like perverts and some faint and then you just want to laugh at this sordid dark comedy directed by Chuck Palahniuk.

First of all, if you are too sensitive of gross scenes don’t read, because the story has a lot to offer in that! Secondly if you have an acute awareness of social and sexual taboos, again, don’t read please. You had the warnings!

"The Guts", a short story by Chuck Palahniuk


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