Monday, June 26, 2006

The Lady of Shallot

Wow ! Suppose that you've got poetry exam in the morning . "'Tis midnight" and you're reviewing . Then you a get a message from a good friend and find out that one of tomorrow's poems is sung by your favorite singer and you haven't noticed that before ! Woohoo !

Loreena Mckennit / The Visit - 1992
The Lady of Shallot / Alfred ,Lord Tennyson

Lady Of Shallot , symbol of a Victorian poet, is a vigorous believer in "Art For Art's Sake" theory . She is kind of justified because she tries to escape from the corruption of the Victorian society . As the poem goes on she realizes the boringness and immorality of the theory and contacts the society . She justifies herself by claiming to be a Prophet figure , but the sad fact is that she's dying as a Poet . The corrupt society never did and never will undrestand her or any other poet .


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