Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Grotesque Fantasies ; "Yeesh"

Zap wakes up with eyes SHUT. He wants to open them but he can't. He tries another time but the effort is interrupted with a lethal back pain. He can't open his eyes as if the eyelids have been stitched. Another effort; in vain. He stops trying. The pain strikes again .

Zap tries to get up and touch his back, but he can't. Actually he can but the problem is he isn't on his bed. One feels horizontal on a bed, but he doesn't. How's it possible ? One of those usual sleep walks?

Vertical agitated Zap tries again to open his eyes but he can't. He decides to walk and it's when he finds nothing under his feet but a deadly creak above his head, and another breathtaking strike of pain. Not on his bed, not on the ground; what's this painful creaky kind of sound? Suddenly he sets out an unstoppable pathetic scream; he's hung and that's the reason for the cry.

At least now, Zap knows the cause of pain. He must have been hooked right in the back. He knows his physical state, and yet absolutely no idea. The goddamn pain strikes again. He ceases all efforts and cries; static and motionless. He knows how another single move could worsen the pain.

Eyes shut, hung from back, Zap starts snifing. It could give him a clue but he stops and howls like a dog. He tries his best not to smell again but he can't, so another nasty howl; that's the most disgusting cocktail of stink he's ever sniffed.

As motionless as a corpse in a graveyard, Zap listens and shivers as the gothic melody of silence plays. Goddamn it, the very shivering is worsening the pain. A short roar from top distracts him and suddenly his loose dangled body starts to swing. Backward, forward, backward, forward and again and again; each swing faster than the previous. He bursts into cry from the lethal pain, yells God as it goes faster. He feels scalding evl tears behind his stichted eyelids, feels the hook going further and further into his back, feels hot blood running down his waist...and faints.

Zap wakes up with eyes shut. It takes him a couple of minutes to remember what happened. There's no energy left to struggle or to shout, to hawl or even to think. He's no longer hung; He must've fallen off the hook down on something. He faints.

Zap wakes up with eyes shut. He must have been sleeping for hours. He has lost much blood and feels puss all over the degenerating wound. He no longer feels the pain. He must have been numbed.

Eyes shut; on the floor, Zap can't stop inhaling the stinky air. He wishes he could. With these blind eyes he can't undrestand where he is, let alone finding a way out. He moves his hands toward his eyes to touch them, but the very movement of arms and shoulder startle him; the gash in his back- He doesn't care, the hook is gone at least. He can make it. With a great effort he puts his fingers on both eyes and a dismal happines pervades him. He can see small red patches from behind the eyelids; at least there's a glimmering of hope of not being blind and....it's light in here!

Eyes shut, on the floor. Zap's got to find a way to open his eyes. A slight effort in vain. He touches them again and again. It's no stich, seems to be...some sort of glue? Something dried, sere. He fumbles the floor for something....sharp? Its mere thought horrifies him.

Eyes shut, on the floor. Zap starts hearing things. Someone is walking slowly and steadily towards him; footstep jingle footstep jingle and again and again. The sound is becoming louder and louder by every coming step. Closer and closer till the footsteps stop and all he hears is mere jingling. Frozen by terror he feels somebody's existance standing right beside him, surely not going to help him out.

It's all silence save the terrifying jingle sound. Suddenly Zap shudders as some cold sort of metal thing is being rubbed on his belly. The monster guy up there has some jingling metal thing in his hand which could be nothing but a chain. The guy is rubbing the dangled rings up towards Zap's face and the poor miserable off-hooked blind victim is dead silent, trembling in every limb. The chain is right on his mouth and a ring of it hits his nostrils. The anonymous guy lowers his hand as the cold rings of the chain pile over Zap's mouth. Trembling Zap can feel the hefty round pieces of cold metal on his teeth. He's so scared that he can't help keeping his mouth shut while he's teeth are so tight as if his jaws are locked. Indeed they are.

Eyes shut, the pile of cold metal rings of chain on his teeth, Zap suddenly feels two scalding drops on his two closed eyes. In a flash his eyes are wide OPEN; light penetrates them; a dim outline of a man with a long chain in one hand and a bottle in the other. The scene is more frightening than the blind impression of a hook in the back and it becomes even more when the weird sicko guy lifts the chain up and blows it grisly down on Zap's face; just three seconds and the regained vision is lost. All is black, painful, shattered pieces of teeth down his throat. Zap desperately coughs, yells, screams....and wakes up .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Hooman said...

A very Brilliant piece, enjoyed reading it.
Keep up the good work.

ps. for heaven's sake don't watch psycho movies!

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ending was not good at all.

8:04 PM  

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