Thursday, July 06, 2006


Our good-hearted people who are always ready to sacrifice their souls and lives for their faiths haven't yet got the undrestanding to "STOP by the RED LIGHT and MOVE by the GREEN" .

Things happen over and over again everyday , but each day I say come on man ; there're always bad guys around . But this morning I was behind the red light when I saw a big bus crossing the light . A yellow taxi after that . It was about to hit my wheel !

This is just one of the MILLION trivial incidents that happen around us in different levels of society everyday and yet some can't realize this dreadful plunge into the abyss of chaos . From a top University to the humblest surface . Mr(s). Citizen crosses the stop sign and Mr(s). Scholar, the boundary of stupidity .

I'm sure that Mr. Bus Driver could deliver a long lecture on 2500 years of ever-dazzling civilization and then declares that Islam ruined everything when it entered our paradise . He remembers to add the fact that America managed to prevent Shah from rebuiling the paradise and regrets that they have brought the clergies . Finally he swears at the current President and longs for the previous . The audience bring lumps to their throats and applaud heartily at the end .

Passivity , ignorance , corruption , savagery ... Who's to pay ? Who's to suffer ? Youknow what I mean ?


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