Wednesday, September 06, 2006


My very dear daughter,

I just heard about your problems and it made me so sad. But my sweet darling; that's the way it is. We, women, should better keep ourselves calm, quiet, passive and timid. That's what God wants us to be.

Let him oppress you. I know it's difficult. We all have been in these tough days, but it will pass. Believe me darling, it all will pass. Nothing to pay, nothing to lose; it's only your youth that you lose; you see? Not a big price to pay. God will return your beauty in the other world if you keep quiet now.

I can't see why it is hard for you to tolerate it all. You know about my past, me and your dad had the same problems but I tolerated and prevented the great Sin of Divorce and Infamy.

So remember it now and forever; If he doesn't talk to you, if he never smiles, if he doesn't kiss you and never sleeps with you; just take it easy. Tolerate; God will grant you his Heaven.



Blogger Mehdi HE said...

no new post? i am hungrily waiting for your pix and their description! don't forget to take one everywhere!

10:41 PM  

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