Thursday, July 20, 2006


Wake up early. Just sit on your bed for a couple of minutes, hands on forehead. Take it easy; it's just one of those usual early morning depressions. Take a shower, have breakfast, watch VH1 or Mezzo, and comeback to your room; close the door and make sure you won't think of its behind, it could drive you crazy. Now feeling fresh, time to start your day! Yeah! Great deal of job to do! Turn on the lamp, open the book and go on. Oh hell oh yeah! Hell of a schedule!

Now let's come back to that DOOR thing. What was behind it? Something to drive you nuts? Yeah I think so, too. Whose fault is it? Yeah I know. It's no one's . What have you done? What have they done? Let me look deep into your eyes, let me touch the palm of your hand; I see a million miles of differences. I feel a million paradoxes. I see people around you, sssssso close as they call it as well as you yourself. I feel their perception of you which is not a fraction of what you really are. And it bothers you, doesn't it? I see them loving you, I see them caring, I feel them living just for you as well as you yourself. I feel them absolutely ignorant of you. How's it possible? I know you think about it day and night. I see you musing on it in your moments of distraction; gazing at a point. I feel you worried, contemplating what all these paradoxes, misconceptions and differences could lead to someday. A very day that something will turn around, and that very thing that must turn up. But I see you strong, me stronger and us the strongest.


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