Sunday, March 25, 2007

Early Spring Mental Explosion

…how pathetic man appears when he finds out in his loneliness the culminating point of his paralysis and frustration; that day and night his exciting escapade is a mere escape from THE BITTER TRUTH…come on now don’t you talk nonsense like that why don’t you turn that “She’s Madonna” off it’s more than depressing sometimes go take a walk outside how ‘bout a hotdog with extra hot sauce hu? open the door it’s too hot with that heater on in here it’s early spring ain’t it take a shower or something don’t let me see you like a lump of boredom…

…'d like to see me in a year or two when the UN guys drop me a package of sausages and some bread while they suck the oil out our pipes and you know what we’ve got ATOMIC shit shoved up the monkey’s ass and we all victims of politics and mass media! & people take what they give … & Alas! they now furious with that 300 thing released!


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