Monday, September 27, 2010

These days and months, amongst all the new things that are on the verge of happening to me, my life is mostly articulated by desire and longing for things not long past. While my mind is set on future - on the coming planned years that are to complete me as a man - my senses are driven by painful flows of longing, which begin and finish my hours of wakefulness before drifting me into bittersweet  dreams. Indeed, such are curious days when 'time' and 'memory' are equally my sincere allies and notorious enemies.

Remembrance of the resonance of our entwined heartbeats in those autumn nights transcend me to ecstatic moments of peace, which I cherish even if clouded in melancholy. Such are divine moments when I - in between the frequent pangs of desire and remorse - am promised world peace.


Sunday, September 05, 2010

I have always been young only on the outside; and had responsibilities as those of an older man. Now I can realize how the social and biological burdens tormented me because of this early mental and emotional maturity. And alas; for a weak yet responsible and caring individual like me, it was only later that I realized how my tiny unimportant mistakes came to shipwreck my soul and cast me forlorn in the midst of a tempest right when I was supposed to cherish my dreams.

Quite normally there comes a day in the life a teenage boy when he, for all the wrong reasons, begins to realize that his innocence is the most terrible burden.