Friday, August 18, 2006

Ice cream

*Obscene content; +16
*The reader should better be acquainted with the cultural milieu of the Iranian lower-class.

-Bitch, take it...

And he handed her a cheap ice-cream. Being husband and wife for so long a time, it was so odd an incident; so odd of him. That's what came into her head.

-Thanks... hhh, I ... I don't know what to say... thanks...
-Take it bitch, take it. Just remember that I'm kind. If I hit you, If I punch you, If I whip you ,that's because I know it's good for you. I know you can never think what's good, what ain't. Just know that I'm kind...
-I know.
-That's good... I like to see you so timid... Now guess what, I'm taking you out tonight...
-ohhhh, really? It's been a long ti...
-Just shut your trap... Don't say a word, you know I don't like it this way...
-I know.
-Now come on, don't be so sluggish like a sick rat. Go on 'n put on your cover .Put it on GOOD? I don't want to see others look at you? You undrestand? Youknow what could happen to you?
-I'm out in the yard. Come on...

And he went out. He put on his ebony shoes to set his black pants and shirt. His face was all a round reservoir of black curly hair. Goddamn; even his eyes were black; as an ominous crow.

With great dignity he walked to his blue Nissan pick-up. Opened the door and got in. Pushed his hand on the horn, and shouted at his bitch to hurry.

-Come oooon... What'ya doing in there?!

He ceased shouting and looked at the windshield that was reflecting his black face; his crow like eyes in particular. He gazed at them;

What's she doing in there, what's she doing in there, what's sh... what a tough day it was; doesn't matter at least tomorrow is weekend. Damn I should tell her to keep the kids at their grandma's, they haven't been there for a while, besides I've got business to do at home tonight hahahaahaha!... Dirty bitch, God knows how much I hate her... Yeah, they haven't been there for a while... damn what's she doing in there!.... Hey I should call Esmael tonight, he must have brought those nu sets of knives, God knows how much I longed for them, I do need a nu set. These current sets are too old, get blunt soon... remember? The last time I tried to cut Hashem's ears... But there was just a scratch... shit... they called me a coward... I'll show'em who's the man... Yeah... Good gosh, tomorrow's friday... I can sleep good... I'll wake up at noon for lunch.... Hey don't I forget... I should better call Asghar tonight... We should gather tomorrow night... He promised to bring better beer and nu whores... I'll kill him if the doesn't... shhhhit, what's she doing in there.... I shouldn't have bought that ice-cream; sucking keeps her busy mwuhahaha...

And she closed the door and walked toward the car. She was 23, plain and worn out. Worn out of life; "Dirty life", she said to herself.

Dirty life, dirty life, shitty li.... I hate you, you alchy criminal. I have never hated anyone like you. You're the most pathetic husband. Curse on you mom! curse on your soul mom, It was you and that old paltry son of a bitch dad who made me marry this bushwacker. Now you've kicked the bucket and the old man's in jail. I hate you, I do hate you, you pathetic, you miserable scary scarecrow... I do feel great when I betray on you... I'm proud. You deserve it, you pathetic...

And she got into the car; silent as usual. She tried to focus on the rural music that was playing, so that to avoid the dreadful existence of her so called husband. She was filled with rage and hate; now for no reason at all.

The car is in the street now, it's thursday and another crowded night. He doesn't care. He always drives fast fast that all of a sudden he's about to crash into a little silver daewoo in which are two young college boys. They're so jokingly astonished at the scene;

-HAHAAHA Did you sssseeee that?!
-(laughing out loud)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Free Milk?!

For God's sake!!! It's just a kindergarten!!! :))

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Big Game

Thoughts came into my head when I finished a computer game last week. I couldn't bring them into vocabulary until a couple of nights ago, a unique friend of mine powered the thoughts, and now I'm going to share them:

Welcome to the virtual dream vision. You're infront of a door upon which you see a sign saying "GAME NET". You enter and to your surprise, you see billions of weird creatures sitting behind billions of screens with gamepads in their hands.

You start walking along the corridors of systems. You look at the screens to see what they play. The games look so familiar and yet so strange; that's because of the dream. You're right through a dream.

These game fanatics are weird. Some look adorable and lovely. Some, on the other hand, look horrible. You look closely, they really look like angels and demons, sylphs and monsters. One is so happy, another so sad. One laughs, the other cries,another grins.

You stop by an angel and decide to start a conversation. But she tells you, reluctantly, that it's no time to talk, that you have to wait until it gets dark and hope that the game pauses. "Pause?",you ask yourself. Can't she just press the ESC botton herself? What if she gets tired?! Well. You really want to know about these games and this place. So you willingly wait.

It gets dark and midnight. Hopefully the system goes stand-by and the gool looking angel is free to talk.

-Hello. art thou the one I beheld in the midst of the game?
-Yeah, I just found myself here... What's in this place?
-Oh dear stranger! We are playing-Forgive me...I speak like this...The games have affected us all.
-I'm sorry?
-Nothing...You ask about the game?
-Yes... Actually...what you familiar.
-Oh, let me show you a demo if you're so interested.

She takes you into another room, and turns on a PS2; The NEW GAME icon is blocked, but there's an open DEMO icon. The angel tells you that this DEMO thing is acutually the very first version of the game. She clicks the Demo. There are two characters to choose, ADAM and EVE. They remind you of something, but you can't remember what; you can as soon as you wake up...if you remember anything of the dream. She chooses ADAM and enters the password for +5 warning pop-up and starts the game. She explains that a great amount of the modern games require +25, +35 or even higher passwords. Those games are not specifically for angels but for demons.

The Demo starts and its setting is a lovely garden. The angel tells you that this primitive version of the game is called "Eden", and that it was produced by "John Milton", one of the many nicknames of The Master.

The day has just broken, so the angel stands up to go to her own system. She allows you to spend the next day in the corridor.

A bussy day, in the Game Net. Crowded as yesterday. You walk along the corridor, watching the screens.

On the first screen, there are two lovers, sitting on a bench in a park, kissing so passionately. The player is a good looking angel who says the boy is the hero, he's poor and that the play is tedious. Only when he's with the beloved the game sounds enjoyable. The player tells you secretly that she has downloaded some cheats for the game that could make a fortune for the boy. But she's afraid The Master would find out...

On the second one, you see a grown up,handsome gentleman driving a car. He is going to the university. Apparently he's a professor. The player tells you that the game started from his infancy and that she's playing the climax of the game. The man has been a highly succussfull person, an "A" grader at school all the time. He is also the father of a very lovely family; a fair wife and adorable kids. The player insists that she hasn't used any sort of cheat throughout the game. Suddenly an ear-splitting sound of a horn from the speaker distracts you. You see a truck on the screen coming toward the man and his car. The man can't just control the car and crashes into the truck. All you see are split and crushed pieces of brain and skull on the broken windshield of the car. The little angel screams and the game is over. She must shut down the system and wait for a new game.

On the third, there's an old man, sitting on an old wooden chair infront of the window. Window of a house in which he was born, grew up, married, divorced, remarried ,redivorced, got old and was left alone by his children. He's inhaling the scent of memories. That's the end of the game. What a moment!

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Look at the picture. See?
These are some best selling popular books read by a nation who claim to have the most elaborate culture on the planet.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

War & Peace

Absurd are those who start a war,
Bird-brained, those who fight,
Bastards, those who support either side.

Look heavenward and ask thy lord,
a warless, religionless world.