Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Raw Youth

Being a raw youth and reading a novel called A Raw Youth written by a master of existentialism makes you realize an ultimate situation in which you feel the novel is about YOU and YOU are the protagonist .

Fyodor Dostoyevsky makes you undrestand that writing true literature is not all a matter of creative imagination but a matter of being a Super-human . He knows things which are impossible to find in books or to perceive through experience .

I'll read all his works before I die ...

The moody freak !

He was fine this time ! Every wednesday I can hear the bees party in my stomach ! It could be a disappointing day but he helped it ! He BARIKALLAed me a couple of times when I was playing which was so strange ! :D

Hey baby trya be a good boy next wednesday too ,then I may bring you a copy of that Tokyo G3 ! :D I know you'll like it ( If you know what it is ... I seriously doubt you do )

The Prodigy:>

I bought another good DVD concert ! Eros Ramazotti Live in Roma ... This Afshin is a true prodigy ! Hey Afshin ya hear me ?! Yo' the baby ! If you weren't a lizard , I would marry you !

This Morning ...

Most people don't enjoy their childhood interests when they grow up .That's the way it is . But today I was looking among some old CDs of mine ( I sometimes become tired of my new collections ! Victim of familiarization ! :p ) ... Well I found two Yanni audio CDs . It's been long time that I hadn't played them . And you can't believe me how much I listened to him couple of years ago ! I have aaaaall his albums and Videos ... most of 'em Original ! :>

It's funny , at that age , my classmates mocked me for my strange taste in music ! ( lol , they still do ! ) . But now I reallize I'd been listening to some great compositions !

Anyway I took one of the CDs to my car this morning , played it on the way to work . Wow ! I sank into the best mood one can possibly feel ! Great memories ! yaknow .... You may not undrestand how much I owe to this greek guy ! This morning I could remember so vividly the day I bought my first Yanni tape 6 years ago which led to all those great things :-) I-).

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Old Man

I remember when I was a child , I had to pass through a long alley to get home.Everytime I was passing it I could see a man of fifty walking up or down the alley .I could see him eveyday , every single day . He was tall , neat n sort of handsome . straight gray hair and a mustache . He never carried anything . I was sure he never went out for shopping , he came out just for WALK !

Well I moved into another house and after eight years I came back ! Now it's been two years that we've come back and STILL I see the man in the alley . Walking up or down . Every single day .Well this time I drive my car through the alley to get home but I don't leave the man unnoticed . I STILL see him . He's now a man of 60 , He's tall , neat and STILL sort of handsome . Straight white hair and a mustache . He never carries anything . I'm STILL sure he never goes out for shopping . He comes out just for a WALK !

I say he's been doing this for twenty years at least . 7300 days , twice a day ( go n back ) : 14600 times !
Why's he been doin' this ?! Some doc's advice ? Nah , doesn't sound reasonble ...

-Excuse me Sir ... I'm a neighbor of yours . What have you been thinking about while walking in this long alley for 20 years ?
-ha ?!
-what have you been thinking about ?!!!! all this time ...
-Have you got kids ? a wife ?
-what have you been thinking about ?!!

Someday I may write something about him !

The Snows of Kilimanjaro

The Snows of Kilimanjaro :

Could Hemingway feel Death's heavy weight on his chest when he held and shot the pistol in his mouth ?!

Wow ! Marvelous short story ! I just finished reading , still mesmerized ! Great description of the very last moments of a writer . I do recommend it !

Oryx and Crake

Tuesday , 10:45 ...

1 2 3 ? 1 2 3 ? haha , yeah it works !

Well Hi ! , good mood to sart in . I like me now :-) . This is Amir , and this is my diary . Oryx and Crake I call it ! an analogy between me and some character in a favorite novel .And the picture you see above unfortunately ain't me ! I love listening to music when I write and that's about that ! "La valse d'amelie" . Find it on a friend's archive .